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Building Approval Process In Queensland

Here is a quick outline of the Building Approval Process In Queensland.

A building works application needs to be assessed against the requirements of  various acts of Parliament and Government building regulations, The National Construction Code (BCA), relevant Australian standards, and local governments planning scheme and policy, and when all requirements are met, Approval is issued and construction can commence. This is the case for both new housing as well as alterations/additions, extensions, granny flats etc. We can help you with all aspects of this Process.

Building Approval Process

Building Approval Process Gold CoastBy providing an excellent level of advice and assistance we can help you to get started building within your required building approval timeframe. Qld actually has its own private building certification system, which means you can deal directly with us, without the need to constantly attend council offices.

We are authorised under Qld state legislation to issue development and building approvals and conduct inspections during the work and finally to sign off on the building works.  Prior to 1988, only Councils could issue building permits and inspection certificates. With the introduction of private building certification, we have been able to liaise with all parties involved to obtain the building approval you need. Initially we will discuss your needs and offer a service tailored to guarantee that your project will be managed efficiently.

The first step of the proposal is for us to review your plans to gain a clear understanding of the outcome that you wish to achieve and then discuss the best way to proceed; at this stage we will provide you with a written quote for processing your building approval.

Building Approval Process BrisbaneWe will check your plans against all local and state building regulations and codes; should any further documentation be required, we will contact you and request this – and if necessary help you with what is needed.

We can then issue the building development approval and we notify the local council on your behalf. As well as providing the approved documents to the local council, we also provide a copy to you.

We will then conduct all of the mandatory inspections during the building approval procedures and issue the appropriate form 16S upon satisfactory completion.

Building Approval Process Gold Coast

When the work is finally complete we will issue you a final inspection certificate (Form F11 or F21). You will be notified, along with the local council and the builder, that the final inspection and certification approvals have been given – and this ends the Building Approval Process In Queensland.